The crest of ... TuZino Taqumi
TuZino Taqumi

TuZino, Taqumi (my declaration); Name anglicised/given family/: Taqumi TuZino;
Tuzino, Takumi (orthography ISO3602); Tsujino/TuJino (alternative spellings)

Phonologically Nearest Pronunciation in English: Ts-Jean-no or Tz-Zee-no, Tac-me or Tackle-me (with dark l); Jean-noel, Coolmean (similar pronunciation)
Pronunciation as English; tuzÍno tákwmy, toozÍno takyóomy' or [tju:'zaino taekwmi] is also granted. Or more simply 'Taq Zino.'

Another glyph of chinese characters for TuZino Taqumi (presentday orthographic glyph);

Another charcters

If you speak Greek, `TuZino' may remind του Ζηνονος, which means "of/von/de Zeno/Ζηνων." ...

Veritas vos liberbit.

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Quercus mongolica var. grosseserrata, ``MiduNara''(wet oak)
meant ``The oak of monglia, with great saw''
Dominant tree in Japan cool-temperate forests.
Lingua Iaponica (in Japanese)
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Lingua italiana (sotto scrittura)
Deutsche Sprache (im schreiben)
--- I am a geologist with a hammer,
and never want to be one without a hammer. ---

Doctor of Science (Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University, or Kyauto University)

E-mail address:
    Pesciara_di_Bolca {ad} yahoo.co.jp
Interest on Academics
laminated mudstone, taphonomy(fossilisation), palaeobotany, submarine channel

Selected Publications
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Technique of acoustic exploration; An introduction to the first laboratory of Hakurei-maru (GH01 voyage. For student research assistants; in Japanese) HTML PDF
SU (Seismic Unix) Tips, GMT(Generic Mapping Tools) Tips, ...

Dept. Geology and Meneralogy, Kyoto University(Kyauto University)

Appendix: Orthography
If you speak Greek, `TuZino' may remind του Ζηνονος, which means "of/von/de Zeno/Ζηνων."
The orthography of `tuzino' however, simply follows ISO3602 strict form of Japanese Romanisation (Nihon-siki), which was originally invented by Tanakadate Aikitu. Capital `Z' of 'tuzino` is absolutely my original as a brand. Irregular spelling is extended to `q' of `taqumi,' though I deeply respect Dr. Tanakadate and his invention. I love `q', which infers quest and question, quartz and quarry, quiz and quiet, qua and quare, quanom and quaidam, or quercus.

Copyright (C) TuZino Taqumi (τα ακμια του Ζηνονος/ZHNON). All rights, if exist, reserved.
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