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You may use the below LaTeX .tex files, as

Some of file require to be writen the name in preamble.

You may use .sty file as written in preamble


General Style file

Paper size difinition

A4 paper
A4 paper (Japansese)

Journal Style file



Journal of Sedimentary Research


BiBTeX Style and macro

BiBTeX is quite useful tool for making biblography(reference). We can follow the journal style by using of .sty(LaTeX) and .bst(BiBTex). One thing difficult to build is abbreviations for journal names. Each journal has his own style for abbreviations. European jouranls mostly follow ISSN style (e.g. Elsevier). American journals mostly follow Chemical Abstract Service Source Index (e.g. American Geophisycal Union). There are many exceptions.

Then we are tring to build useful function to translate alias name to real journal name. The following file are based on sedimentology, mostly according to ISSN style.


It uses string function. Most of journal names are fullly written. General rules for abbreviated forms of journal names is described in 743--746 pages of Scientific style and format (6th ed), Cambridge press. Less is descrived in Chicago Manual of Style (15th ed). I cannot find any comment on this issue in Oxford Style Manual.



Journal of Sedimentary Research


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