CPT samples

The command "makecpt" has many options. Many options make us happy, as well as confused because it is difficult to know what we should use table.

Here are samples of CPT. I made GMT geographic maps by using various colour palette tables, namely cool, copper, gebco, gray, haxby, hot, jet, no_green, ocean, polar, rainbow, relief, sealand, seis, split, topo, wysiwyg and blu2green. The table blu2green is my original and similar to red2green but replaced red by blue. This table is defined by "GMT_blu2green.cpt. Users who want to use blu2green table should copy GMT_blu2green.cpt to GMTHOME/share directory.

% cp GMT_blu2green.cpt $GMTHOME/share/

Hokkaido Area

Preview (html + jpeg)
PDF for print (PDF: One fig. by one page: 14.8MB)
PDF for print (PDF: Two by one: 12.6MB)
Rasterised PDF for print (PDF: Six by one: 8.1MB)

Kinai Area

Preview (html + jpeg)
PDF for print (PDF: One by one: 3.8MB)
PDF for print (PDF: Four by one: 5.4MB)