Bird's-eye view
Kinai(Kinki district) for example.

1. Prepare grid file.

In this case, "japan250m.nan.grd" is used.

2. Prepare colour palette table (cpt file).

% makecpt -Cglobe -Z > cpt
This is to use colour palette "globe" .
To type only `makecpt' show digest of usage.
To type `man makecpt' shows manual.
In this case, I modify this "globe" cpt file, namely cptg. cptg

3. Prepare Intensity file.

% grdcut /somewhere/japan250m.nan.grd -Gtopo.grd \
-R134.5/136.5/33/36 -V
% grdgradient topo.grd -A30 -Ghst.grd -V -Ne0.8
Note too intense shadow make topographic impression abrupt.

4. Write a shell script.

% cat >
#! /bin/sh
gmtset PAPER_MEDIA a3+
grdview $grdfile \
-JX10/12 -JZ10 -B5f1g20m -R$range \
-Qi -E225/60 -Ccptg -Ihst.grd -P -V -Z1000 \
> $output

You need not writing shell script because this is too simple command, only one. However to write shell script will help you for further work.

5. Run the shell script.

% sh
To open output file, type
% gv
or open with Adobe Illustrator.

Problem in this case

Lake Biwa is not drawn. Note lakes and ponds can not be drawn by "grdview".
Marsh of Osaka (e.g. Fukushima-ku) sinks under water. This is derived from error values of used grd file.